ImagesNameNpc LocationTerms UnlockGeneral FavorFavouriteUnlock task RewardFriendship Reward (20% Progress)Friendship Reward (50% Progress)Friendship Reward (100% Progress)
W (Kafra Teleporter)Use Kafra Teleport Service for 100 TimesGardening item +1%
Lavender, Doll pendant +2,5%
Four Leaf Clover + 1%
Lavender, Doll Pendant +2,5%
Ordinary headgear boxAdventure EXP*1
Kafra Doll Headgear
“Fast Warp
CoolDown: 1hours”
Adventure EXP*2

“Fast Warp
CoolDown: 30 Minute”
Adventure EXP*5

“Fast Warp
CoolDown: 10 Minute”
Jakdal (Exchange)Purchase VIP card and bid successfully three timesObsidian +2.5%Amethyst + 2.5%
Brigan + ?%
Avatar frameChat box + Friend bar

Big Time Spender set
Tamdia (Chamber of commerce)Complete 10 Sets of CoC mission (100 Order’s)Aura flower, thick soil leaf, breeze orchid +1.5%Ancient Coin +1%
maple sugar cake(Drop From Drake ) +2.5%
Adventure EXP*1Adventure EXP*2
Chamber of Commerce shopping discount 5%
Adventure EXP*5

Have Chance To Get Double reward for CoC Missions
ArielleStay Near her for approx 5minsChamber of Commerce Crystal +0.8%
Gardening +1.5%
Aloe vera +2,5%
Aloe + 2.5%
Lake bed Pearl + 2.5%
Floating Shards
Adventure EXP*1
Adventure EXP*2Randomly get buff

P.Atk & M.Atk +1%

P.Def & M.Def +2%

Haste +2%

Main Attribute +5%

Hp +5% (Up to +5000)
FlessiSad Clown Music Box
(Drop From Deviling)
Trading Bank Gift +1.5%Doll pendant 2.5%
Pumpkin head +1%
Ordinary headgear boxAdventure EXP*1
Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5

IngaelSirius EyeBall (Drop From Baby Desert Wolf, Desert Wolf and Wolf)Trading Bank Gift Stone +1,5%Soft Fur +1%
Topaz +2,5%
Ordinary Headgear BoxAdventure EXP*1
Adventure EXP*2Adventure EXP*5

Unlock Husky Set
SchumanMust Lv 38-40 To unlockFour Leaf Clover +0,5%

Any Elemental Forging material +0,8%
Super kart model +0.5%
Gorgeous Sports Car Model +1%
Racing F1 Car Model +2%
Cool Skateboard Friend Frame
Favor Quest Unlock. Need 10 Gold and 10 silver for the quest. Reward: Vitality Potion x2
Cool Skateboard Chat Box
Favor Quest Unlock. Reward: Basic Card Album
Skateboard Mount